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The Maverick Torque is the halfway length between the club and mace. It stands at 80cm tall, weighs 2.5kg empty and can be loaded up to 27.5kg. The extra 20cm long handle adds additional leverage creating more torque when compared to the club.

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Introducing the Maverick Torque: An Adjustable Weight Plate Loaded Bamboo Club Inspired by Mugdar used by Indian Pehlwani Wrestlers.

The Maverick Torque is a versatile training tool that can be used single-handed, two-handed, or paired for doubles training.

It weighs 2.5kg without any additional weight plates, but comes with a 0.5kg bamboo weight disk and a grip lock collar to bring the total weight to 3kg.

The club can be loaded to 27.5kg when fully loaded making it an ideal micro loading training tool for strength progression.

Crafted from sturdy and sustainable bamboo, the Maverick Torque combines the traditional design of the Indian Mugdar with the practicality of using weight plates to adjust the load. Additionally, bamboo has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than graphite, making it incredibly strong and durable.

To keep the weight plates securely in place, the club should be equipped with a collar for every 8kg loaded. With its versatility and durability, the Maverick Torque is the only club you’ll ever need to own.

Adjustable Steel Mace Sizes - Small

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 82 × 18 × 18 cm


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