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Dangerously Fit Macebells are forged from solid steel, sporting a knurled steel grip handle with a perfectly weighted head that makes this fantastic training tool virtually unbreakable.

Design Specifications

  • Weight: 4 kilos
  • Head Diameter: 9cm
  • Handle Diameter: 4cm
  • Total Length: 102cm
  • Hand Crafted – 100% Steel Composition
  • Knurled Grip Handle
  • Steel Cap Tip
  • Black Matte Powder Coat
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Sold Individually

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Dangerously Fit Steel Mace

History Of The Mace

From the Hindu and Persian warriors of the 13thcentury to skilled European fighters using such weapons as the poleaxe.

The mace is an ancient weapon that has been used with devastating effect.

It’s also one of the very first strength and conditioning tools. Warriors would train with heavy maces to develop strength and power for battle.

And now, the mace has made a comeback and is the latest functional fitness tool every serious fitness pro needs in their training toolbox.

DF Steel Mace Sizes

Additional information

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 104 × 11 × 11 cm

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  1. David (verified owner)

    Love the new design

  2. Grant (verified owner)

    Not a bad mace.

  3. Edward A. (verified owner)

    Well packaged and timely delivery, excellent condition.

  4. Gene P. (verified owner)

    The mace is high quality and a great weight for myself as a beginner

  5. Greg W. (verified owner)

    Mace is well made, looks great (no ugly welds) and fun to use. I’ll be buying another heavier one when I’m good enough!

  6. Theo (verified owner)

    So far so good, works as advertised, still learning the ropes.

  7. Lisa L. (verified owner)

    As a newbie to mace training I’m very happy with my 4kg mace. Already making good progress

  8. Dwyght (verified owner)

    Very happy – very sturdy. Using it in the backyard with a little exercise course – tractor tyre, slam ball, weighted club, kettle bell, jump rope. Very solid construction. Using it for sledge hammer hit on tyre but have also found it useful for stuff like coiling and strength training for warhammer and sword movements, even good for strength training for movements which could be incorporated into warhammer use – baseball bat swing, golf swing, door breech swing, list goes on – such a versatile training tool. Looking forward to moving up the weight increments.
    Even pick it up, periodically, for 5 minutes, when I’m just doing stuff around home.
    If you’re thinking about purchasing but can’t decide, do yourself a favour and make the investment – look after it, and it will last for ages.
    100% satisfied.

  9. Antony (verified owner)

    Mace arrived in New Zealand just over a week after I ordered it, beautiful piece of kit, well happy – thanks Dan

  10. Lucas (verified owner)

    A phenomenal workout tool! I thought 4kg might be too light but it has humbled me. Perfect weight to start with.

  11. Tom (verified owner)

    Excellent construction and knurl, first mace I’ve used or purchased being new to this style of training I decided to be conservative and purchase the 4kg which seems to be too light for me.

  12. Scott M. (verified owner)

    Nice weight and feel

  13. Martin McGuckin (verified owner)

    Top Quality products

  14. Varunraj D. (verified owner)

    Great quality product, value for money. Prompt communication and speedy trackable delivery. Very happy with my purchase.

  15. Jason (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit. The knurling is spot on, it’s smooth but provides the grip you need.

  16. Al-Shafea Beydoun (verified owner)

    Solid build, very happy, will be purchasing a heavier one when I’ve mastered this weight

  17. Adam Murray (verified owner)

    Really happy with the purchase. Mace is well made and fits in the hand well. Would be nice to have a few pages of exercises to get people started for the price.

  18. Andrew (verified owner)

    Nicely finished. Would recommend.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lots of fun, good grip and balance
    Will be buying more and sending to friends and family

  20. Ethan C. (verified owner)

    Very pleased! Sturdy, lovely finish, and provides a much-needed dose of variety to my routine. Glad I gave it a chance.

  21. Ryan L. (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised at just how many muscles the mace fires up with the movements you do with it. It is truly a full body workout and I cant wait to go heavier

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the mace. Delivery took longer than expected, but it was just the typical supply chain delays so no complaints here.

  23. Antony P. (verified owner)

    Bought 3 steel maces. Prompt delivery and EXCELLENT customer service.

  24. Robert K. (verified owner)

    Nice light weight mace with an awesome design

  25. Mark P. (verified owner)

    Such a great introductory mace, love the coating and the thickness of the handle is perfect.

  26. Bradley (verified owner)

    For years I’ve been swinging home made Gada and Mace things. I’m so happy I finally have a really mint commercial version. It’s excelent quailty.

  27. Christian D. (verified owner)

    Great purchase, I thought 4kg may be too light but it’s great for starting out and even better for my injured shoulder that I’m trying to fix along the way. Looking forward to get a heavier mace soon

  28. brendon (verified owner)

    Nice finish, matte powder coated looks good and handles well. The knurling on the handle works well, no sharp bits. No equivalent in NZ when I bought it, no problems with shipping to NZ, no additional import charges at all.

  29. Roderick Smith (verified owner)

    Very well fabricated piece of equipment. Looking forward to training with it and progressing to heavier weights.

  30. Sam B. (verified owner)

    Great beginner mace, coating is smooth and uniform, solid construction. Survived recent floods, pretty stoked about that. Highly recommend.

  31. Tom (verified owner)

    Love the mace, it’s starting to get a bit light. Time to get a heavier one. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  32. Travis Higginson (verified owner)

    The best mace literally ever holy cow its brilliant my shoulders feel extremely healthy after years of shoulder and neck problems doing a swing mace workout every few days. I wake up in the morning just feeling great

  33. Les Tua (verified owner)

    Even though it’s only 4Kg it is what I need for my workouts. The overall construction is superb. The knurling gives it the best grip so it shouldn’t slip from one’s hands, no matter what type of exercise one is doing. I highly recommend Dangerously Fit because not only do they keep one up to date with where one’s purchase is, they are very professional in doing so. I will be purchasing more from this company in the future… 😁

  34. Matt T. (verified owner)

    Great piece of gear, only drawback is I find it a touch short think it’s 104cm and no lip on the handle. But aside from that it’s great will look at getting a bigger one soon.

  35. Damien (verified owner)

    Beautifully built and constructed. I’m new to mace training and this has me really wanting to learn!

  36. Spencer T. (verified owner)

    Love it! Great quality and fast delivery

  37. Irina (verified owner)

    All good but there is a metal chip inside sliding all the time

  38. Brad C. (verified owner)

    A 4kg mace is a very good start for a man of 105 kg and reasonable fitness also the purchase was sent in good order and good value.

  39. cameron m. (verified owner)


  40. Heath Holley (verified owner)


  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Solid construction & good grip

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Brilliant weight for a beginner

  43. Mark Cordingley (verified owner)

    Very well made, great piece of kit, looking forward to learning how to use it to help with my shoulder mobility or should I say lack of mobility.

  44. Dominic D. (verified owner)

    Well made, good grip. Excellent shipping speed and packaging

  45. Anthony Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. The knurling feels nice amongst the powder coating, and the product is aesthetically pleasing.

  46. Paul F. (verified owner)

    A great addition to my training regime. Helps strengthen the arms, shoulders, back and core along the fighting routes. A great training tool for students of the martial arts. Thanks DF.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great construction, good knurling, feels good in the hands.

  48. James C. (verified owner)

    Great for shoulder mobility. Finding each time I use it I am activating more muscles and improving my swing.

  49. Michael Davis (verified owner)

    Nice long and thick handle

  50. Ben Inman (verified owner)

    Love the product, just wanting for my shoulder to heal before using it. Doh.

  51. Dean (verified owner)

    Yet to use it properly. But feels and looks like a top class bit of kit

  52. Jack (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality, swinging the mace around is fun. 3 weeks in with a noticeable increase in strength.

  53. Luke M. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, very fun to use. Will definitely be buying more maces from here as I progress and get stronger.

  54. Matt (verified owner)

    Incredible build quality, very reasonable price, and perfect for starting out with mace work.

  55. Max Kahlow (verified owner)

    Solid product, great balance, every time I pick it up I find myself playing around with it for longer than expected. Great tool for shoulder, core and upper body health and strengthening.

  56. Andrew F. (verified owner)

    This is great, its my first mace and I couldn’t be happier. I pre- ordered and was kept up to date by Dangerously Fit as to the progress of my order. They gave me full tracking and the mace came quicker than expected.
    The Mace itself is is great, thick handle and is well made. Looking forward to swinging it for many years

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So fun!

  58. Kyle M. (verified owner)

    Great quality! Being new to mace exercises I also appreciate all the videos from Dan Clay on different movements. I’ll be purchasing some heavier weights once I get better and stronger at the first weight I bought.

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