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Our workouts, using only a club and mace, can be done in the comfort of your home in under 20 minutes, making it easy to fit exercise into your hectic work/family schedule and reach desired results.

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As a DF Inner Circle member, receive 50% off my 7-Day Club & Mace Masterclass. Inside this course you’ll find 103 video tutorials and a comprehensive manual showing you how to master the essentials of steel club and steel mace training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difficulty level of your workouts?

The program is for individuals from beginner to advanced levels. Initially, the focus is on the basics for the first few weeks, followed by progressive increases in complexity starting from week 4.

What if I have no prior experience with steel clubs or maces?

I strongly suggest enrolling in my 7 Day Club & Mace Masterclass (7DCMM) if you haven’t already. The 7DCMM will teach you to become a pro with the club and mace in just one week. Joining my DF Inner Circle will also grant you a 50% discount for the 7DCMM.

What is the recommended size for clubs and maces?



What if I have trouble with coordination?

Don’t worry, coordination is a learnable skill through practice. Start at your own pace and prioritize proper form over speed. You may also try modified exercises and gradually progress to more complex movements. Keep in mind, everyone has a starting point and the key is to continuously practice and maintain consistency.

I am unsure if it fits my current budget?

I understand cost can be a factor in choosing a fitness program. Nonetheless, investing in your health and fitness is an investment in yourself. As you progress, you will experience benefits such as improved strength, fitness, energy, and confidence, making it a worthwhile investment in the long run.

I am very busy, how can I make time for exercise in my schedule?

I understand that making time for exercise can be difficult. Our workouts are designed to be efficient, usually taking less than 20 minutes.

What is the recommended frequency of exercise per week?

For good results, I recommend performing 3 workouts a week. Optimal results can be achieved with 4 workouts a week, including 2 with the steel mace and 2 with steel clubs, and taking the remaining 3 days for rest or active recovery.

Is there an age limit for participating in your fitness program?

Age should not prevent you from beginning a fitness program. The most crucial aspect is to pay attention to your body and start at a level that feels manageable. As you progress, you can increase the intensity and difficulty of your workouts. Consulting a doctor or professional before starting a new program is also advised. Keep in mind, taking care of your health and fitness is always relevant, regardless of age. Regular exercise has benefits for everyone, and starting is an investment in your well-being.

I have difficulty following online training programs, do you have any advice?

No problem! Adjusting to following an online program can take some time and effort, but it is possible. Setting goals and tracking progress can increase your chances of success. Consider finding a coach or accountability partner for additional support. Struggles and doubts are common, but don’t let them discourage you. The most important thing is to keep making progress and moving forward.