Understanding Levers

The further away you grip the handle from the mace head the more you increase the leverage and thus the difficulty. Holding the handle closer to the mace head is referred to as ‘choking up’ and decreases the leverage and thus makes the exercise easier.

Beginners will find that choking up on challenging exercises such as the 360, 10-to-2 and mills makes it easier to control the Steel Mace in a safe and controlled manner. ‘Choking up’ simply means holding the mace closer towards the mace head.

steel mace

The length of the handle makes a huge difference to how heavy the steel mace feels and how it swings, the longer the handle the longer the leverage, therefore making the steel mace feel heavier.

Tips For Buying Your First Mace

If you’re buying your first macebell, look for a mace with a handle that is between 70cm to 100cm (30-40 inches) long.

After some practice and once you feel confident with your technique, then you might want to experiment with training with a longer mace handle.

The macebell handle should be knurled helping you to grip the mace, chalk can also be applied if your hands become sweaty which will also aid your grip.

How Heavy Is A Steel Mace?

Use This Table As A Guide For Recommended Weights.

Ability Weight
Female Beginner 3kg-4kg
Female Advanced 6kg
Ability Weight
Male Beginner 4kg-6kg
Male Advanced 8kg

Another option is an adjustable steel mace like our Maverick Maces. The Maverick Mace is an affordable, practical, fast-loading adjustable macebell made from bamboo.

It has a starting weight of 2.5kg and comes with a grip lock collar and 0.5kg bamboo weight disk, giving it a total weight of 3kg.

The mace can be loaded with weight plates weight plates and has been tested with a load of 30kg.