Here’s What You’ll Learn…

  • You will master the fundamentals of mace training ensuring maximum results are achieved in minimal time.
  • You will become proficient in the 360,10-to-2, mills, bullwhips and much more.
  • You will learn the progressions and regressions of each exercise so you can coach your clients safely and skilfully.
  • You will discover the most common mistakes learners make and the cues and drills to fix them quickly.
  • You will learn how to create fun, effective mace workouts that deliver results and keep your clients engaged and coming back for more.
  • You will get immediate access to the membership area with over 43 mace exercises and great workouts you can implement into your training business right away. No more boring workouts!
  • You will be accredited as a Steel Mace Instructor with Fitness Australia and recognised Worldwide by the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPS).
  • You will receive 4 CECs with Fitness Australia.

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