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Tailored for lighter wooden and poly (plastic) clubs, the Indian Club Wall Rack is a wall-mounted storage unit designed with precision.

Capable of holding six clubs, it provides a straightforward yet effective way to organise your training area and minimise potential safety hazards.

Designed with a 38mm (1.49 inches) gap, this adaptable rack is specifically crafted to accommodate a variety of Indian clubs.

Made from solid timber, the Indian club rack is sturdy, practical, and pairs perfectly with our Bamboo Indian clubs, creating an appealing aesthetic.

Please take note that this rack is not suitable for heavy clubs. If you require storage for heavy steel clubbells, please consider our Club & Mace Floor Rack.

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Designed to securely accommodate up to 20 clubs or maces, this robust storage rack offers a straightforward yet effective solution for organizing your training area and minimising safety hazards.

Built to withstand the weight of even the heaviest equipment, this adaptable rack is specifically engineered to house various clubbells, steel maces, and Indian clubs.

Crafted from durable timber, the Club & Mace Floor Rack combines strength, functionality, and an appealing visual aesthetic.