Picking Up The Mace

In a staggered stance with your feet hip width apart, grip the handle at the very end of the steel mace with one hand, hinge the hips keeping your spine neutral, shoulders packed down and core braced.

Then, use your other hand to grip the handle as close to the mace head as possible.

Drive your hips forward and return to a standing position and slide the top hand downwards towards your bottom hand.

Gripping The Mace

Where you grip the Steel Mace can make a huge difference to the difficulty of the exercise. If you grip the handle with a wide grip with one hand at the end of the handle and the other hand close to the mace head, the weight is evenly distributed and relatively easy to control.

Offset Load

However, the more you move your hand away from the mace head and towards the end of the handle the more challenging it becomes on your grip. This is due to the uneven load of the mace head being off balance and requiring more stabilization and strength to control the load.

Rack Position

When holding the mace in the rack position it’s important to have your shoulders packed down and your hands close to your naval.

Whenever training with a new tool your body’s nervous system will try to overcompensate my tensing the wrong areas, try to stay as relaxed as possible and focus on using the correct amount of tension and the right muscles.

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Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit Academy