Introducing the Maverick Mace...
Your Affordable, Practical, Fast-Loading Adjustable Clubbell and Macebell

The Revolutionary Solution for Quickly Modifying Your Workout Load

The Maverick Mace Offers Unparalleled Versatility, Making it the Ideal Choice for Fitness Enthusiasts of ALL Levels


adjustable clubbell training


Weighing 2kg when empty, the club can be loaded up to 25kg, providing a challenge even for the most experienced lifters. The Club is suitable for single arm training, doubles training, and two-handed movements.

club swing


The Torque is the halfway length between the club and mace. It stands at 80cm tall, weighs 2.2kg empty and can be loaded up to 27.5kg. The extra 20cm long handle adds additional leverage creating more torque when compared to the club.

mace swing


The Mace is the longest standing at 109cm in height. While it weighs 2.5kg when empty, it can handle loads of up to 30kg and potentially more. The Mace is ideal for mace flows, single arm training, and two-handed movements.

Build Unparalleled Strength with the Ultimate Adjustable Clubbell and Macebell

Practical & Affordable

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Smooth Silk Varnish Coating


Knurling Handle

knurling handle and pommel

Precision Craftmanship

bamboo timber

Available In 3 Sizes

adjustable club and mace

1 x Block & Collar Included

bamboo weight and collar

Adjustable Bamboo Blocks


Laser Engraved Logo

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Here’s Why the Maverick Mace is the Ultimate Choice…

  • Universal: Designed to cater to both beginners and advanced lifters, the Maverick Mace is the perfect fitness companion for everyone.
  • Economical: Say goodbye to costly gym memberships or expensive fitness equipment. Our adjustable club and mace offer a cost-effective way to train with a wide range of weights.
  • Practical: Compatible with any 51mm weight plate, our macebell and clubbell can be easily secured in place with a jaw lock collar, ensuring stability and safety during your workouts.
  • Fast Loading: Save valuable time during your workouts with our simple weight loading system. Quickly adjust the load as needed, allowing for seamless transitions and optimal training efficiency.
  • Versatile: Whether you prefer dynamic flow workouts or traditional clubbell and macebell training, the Maverick Mace adapts to your training style, offering endless possibilities.
  • Micro-Load: Break through strength training plateaus with our fractional 0.5kg bamboo weights plates, enabling optimal strength progression and continuous improvement.
  • Bamboo: Crafted from bamboo, our Maverick Mace boasts incredible strength, durability, and sustainability. With a higher tensile strength than many steel alloys, greater compressive strength than concrete mixtures, and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio surpassing graphite, bamboo is the perfect material for our exceptional fitness equipment.
Adjustable Steel Mace Sizes - Small