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Our Dangerously Fit Steel Maces are forged from solid steel, sporting a knurled steel grip handle with a perfectly weighted head that makes this fantastic training tool virtually unbreakable.

Design Specifications

  • Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)
  • Head Diameter: 9cm
  • Handle Diameter: 3cm
  • Total Length: 101.6cm
  • Hand Crafted
  • 100% Steel Composition
  • Knurled Grip Handle
  • Metal Cap Tip
  • Matte Powder Coat
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Sold Individually

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Dangerously Fit Steel Mace

History Of The Mace

From the Hindu and Persian warriors of the 13thcentury to skilled European fighters using such weapons as the poleaxe.

The mace is an ancient weapon that has been used with devastating effect.

It’s also one of the very first strength and conditioning tools. Warriors would train with heavy maces to develop strength and power for battle.

And now, the mace has made a comeback and is the latest functional fitness tool every serious fitness pro needs in their training toolbox.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg

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