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Steel Mace Switch Lunge

Steel Mace Switch Lunge

The steel mace switch lunge will quickly get the heart pumping and is an excellent exercise for working the upper and lower body simultaneously. I like to throw this exercise in as part of a flow or do it for time. All the usual lunge cue’s apply except this time on the upward phase switch…

Steel Mace Pendulum 360

Steel Mace Pendulum 360

This is a fun little exercise I like add to some of my steel mace workouts to switch things up. Break it down into two steps; 1. Traditional 360 swing 2. Pendulum Then, once you’ve built the movement pattern… try putting them together. Begin slowly and increase the tempo once you feel comfortable ensuring you…

steel mace walking lunge uppercuts

Steel Mace Walking Lunge Uppercuts

Steel mace walking lunge uppercuts not only work the legs, but the shoulders and core too! I normally tack them onto the end of a workout or as part of a metabolic conditioning workout. It’s a nice variation from normal walking lunges and will really challenge you to stabilise the uneven load during the unilateral…

steel mace exercises

Steel Mace Figure Of 8

This exercise is awesome for builder circular shoulder strength, grip strength and rotational core strength. It’s a little more complex than many other steel mace exercises, so break it down into steps before attempting the entire movement. Want to discover more about steel mace training? Click here for more information on our steel mace certification.…

steel mace tyre workout

Steel Mace, Sledgehammer & Tyre Workout

I must confess… Today, I really couldn’t be f#*ked to workout. But, strangely enough… it’s on those days I end up having the best workout.🤷‍♂️ Some days you just gotta get started… and then let the endorphins take over. Here’s the workout; 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest 1. Mill tyre slams (each side): 6KG…

Steel Mace Power Shovel

This is an exercise I picked up from the guys over at Newbreed macebell. It’s a very similar movement to the steel mace gravedigger, but more athletic and even more challenging. Throw this exercise into a circuit and see how high your heart rate gets, especially if you’re using a heavier weight – it’s a real…

Steel Mace 5 Movement Flow

Following on from my last few videos, here is the top switch transition within a basic 5-movement flow. The exercises are as follows; Single Hand 360 Switch Squat Lateral Lunge (with a top switch) Single Hand 360 Reverse Lunge This steel mace flow can be done for sets or time. Give it a go! ⚔️⚔️ Dan Clay

Steel Mace Rotational Core Exercise

Been playing with a new exercise that I picked up from the guys over at Functional Patterns. With many steel mace 360 swinging movements, your shoulders are mobile whilst your hips are kept stable. With this exercise, your hips are also mobile with the weight shifting from side to side whilst your feet pivot with…

Steel Mace 10 to 2

The steel mace 10 to 2 is a traditional mace exercise that increases shoulder strength, grip strength, core strength as well as improving shoulder mobility. It’s very similar to the steel mace 360, except you stop at the 2 0clock position instead of doing a full rotation.